Green Angel Gardens & Sustainable Living Center


Green Angel Gardens offers the opportunity of living the vision of integrating our lives with the natural systems of life on Planet Earth.

Growing food is only one element in our journey to living sustainably on Planet Earth. Learning to build a healthy soil, the “web of life;” learning to compost; harvesting the rain for water; the sun and wind for electrical needs; making available physical and spiritual opportunities through Yoga, meditation, music and community events, all work together to form the life stream of Green Angel Gardens Sustainable Living Center a

Group Gardening at Green Angel GardensGreen Angel Gardens is funded by CSA members; by the Farm Store and Organic Farm  sales; by workshops and by Donations. Thank you all for your support. Blessings, Larkin Stentz, owner/steward.

Green Angel’s Sustainable Living Center has diverse programs:

And of course, please also explore our blog, Chicken Scratch, our section about the steward of Green Angel, Larkin Stentz, and his personal projects, and our list of links to friends of Green Angel.