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Warm Greetings from Green Angel Gardens!

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013


As we give gratitude to the universe for the wonderful summer up here in Long Beach, we happily explore the transitionary time of fall. Here at Green Angel Gardens, we’ve begun to harvest old friends like parsley, Lacinato kale and beautiful tomatoes amongst other plant spirits. We’re currently coming to you live from the main house as a group of four excited, enthusiastic WWOOFers and interns. Presently we are: Annamarie and Garrett, a delightful couple from Kansas City, Emma Jane from Las Vegas, NV, and Sarah all the way across the great wide Atlantic from Germany. Each of us will be intermittently taking turns posting about daily life here at the gardens with personal stories and impressions.


Lots of excitement is in the air as the leaves begin to fall. We’re steppin’ into sustainability by learning about solar composting toilets, solar water heaters, and general BioIntensive farming practices. We are theorizing a hydroponic water filter system for Bucky, our beloved geodesic dome as well as riggin’ up a rain water catchment system for our chickens (or the “buck-bucks” as Anna adoringly refers to them).


Stay updated with Chicken Scratch to hear about our upcoming cranberry harvesting extravaganza, crazy quirky personal anecdotes, German words of the day, delicious food recipes, and even an adventure with a potential sustainably sourced kite! 


Take care, stay conscious and centered!

the Green Angel Guardians