Its not too late to be an intern!

Hello everyone! It has been awhile since Green Angels has posted in the Chicken Scratch. Its been a little neglected, but that’s because we have been working so hard in the gardens!

Well, we have a new intern in town! Yay! My name is Shelby and I moved here from Eugene, OR and have made a year long commitment to being at Green Angels! A year! It has only been a month or so, but I was put straight to work when I arrived. And boy  there’s a lot of work to do on the farm. We’ve planted tons of fava beans, painted beans, potatoes, squash, kohlrabi, tomatoes, salad mixes, and a whole row of flowers dedicated to insects and BEES! Weeding and watering and planning beds are just some of the things I do around here. I want to have sunflowers anywhere and everywhere 🙂

Anyway, the main reason for this post is to let you all know that its not too late to become an intern. We are looking for people who want to learn how to grow food, obviously. Right now, this planet is going through a lot of changes and we are aware that people are going to NEED to know how to grow food and we want to teach those who want to learn. If you are willing to quit your day job (like me!) and come out to Long Beach, WA then we want you to. We are located in a place where you dont really need a car to get around. I own a bike and rely on the bus system, which is surprisingly good for a smallish town. Oh, and it only takes me 10 minutes to get to the beach. It is amazing and a wonderful bike ride.

We own a farm store and we also do CSA every Friday. Thursdays are my favorite days because we get to harvest all sorts of things for the boxes and we have volunteers who come and help out. It’s the highlight of my week. We are trying to always make improvements on our farm store and want to branch out to selling art and things of that nature, so if you’re artistically inclined you can sell your art (or whatever) through the store. We also have been talking about incubating baby chicks, building a big dehydrator, and learning to can food. And there are many more projects to do! We are up for almost anything.

Wwoofers are always welcome! We have rooms and a house/shack/apartment that we are working on as well as tent space galore!

Don’t be afraid to give us a call or shoot us an email.

Alright, thanks for reading and have a happy day 🙂


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