New Album, Inside the Astoria Column available  for purchase.   Thanks for your support!!  The acoustics were phenomenal and the overall feeling of the music is peaceful and deep.   Enjoy  Larkin

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Inside the Astoria Column


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Larkin Stentz

Recently some of what many consider to be the best of these went out of print. So I am offering them here for you to download without buying them first. In the spirit of trust and integrity I ask that you send a donation to Green Angel Gardens to help with the work of sustainable living and organic farming that is lived and taught here. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed recording it.



Listen to the samples below or download the albums.

If you like the music consider donating to Green Angel Gardens

To The Essence of A Candle – 1977 – solo flute, intimate, up close and personal. Actually recoded to the essence of a candle in the recording studio. 30 minutes of solo bamboo flute and 30 mintues of solo silver flute. It sold continuously for 30 years. Download the Album

O’cean (oh-see-on) 1979 – features the songs of humpback wales, the sound of the ocean and flute music played to the movement of a dancer in the recording studio. Together we co-created the music. This album has sold over 100,000 copies, going “Gold” as they say many years ago. It has been used for births, meditations, dance/movement, passings. Download the Album

Moments Empowered – 1982 – is a collection of pieces that have the affect of empowering the listener. Flute solos, santur (hammered dulcimer), penny whistle with orchestral synthesizer backing, and a brotherly chant. Download the Album

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Earthlight by Larkin and Friends – 1984 – A wealth of beautifully orchestrated musical offerings. From the uptempo “Good Morning” to the cricket orchestra of “Good Night”, this album represents the closest I’ve come to an Earth Symphony. Download the Album

Blossom in the Storm – 1988 – A digitally recorded and mastered recording. This was recorded in a 500 year old cloister in Boxmeer, Holland. The acoustic space cradled and exalted the flute music. There is no electronic affects used here and the results are awesome, deeply moving solo flute pieces. One santur (hammered dulcimer) piece ends the recording. It is a tribute to the spirit of truth and light as lived by Andreas Sakarov, who fought to keep nuclear arms from being built in Russia. Download the Album

Larkin’s latest work Stairway to Emptiness can be found at CD Baby